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Myths about scalp micropigmentation

Myth number 1- SMP doesn't look natural.

Ok let me address this one, for those who believe that SMP doesn't look natural have probably been looking up work that is poor. Inexperienced artists who have not been doing SMP long or have not had adequate training may not yet have learned the skill (a difficult one at that) that is required to give crisp, tiny impressions, so you may see SMP work where the dots are too big. With the right artist SMP can indeed look so natural that people cannot tell you have had it done. So my advice is do your research before you proceed with the procedure.

Myth number 2- SMP is just dots on your head.

Referring to the work as 'just dots' is fairly incorrect. Yes the procedure means creating hair like follicles, tiny 'dots' but the time and expertise it takes to master this skill is something that needs more consideration. As mentioned above, with the right artist the hair will not look like just dots.

Myth number 3- SMP will completely fade.

SMP does fade as it is supposed to however, it will not completely fade away, it will just lighten considerably allowing top ups to be adjusted in accordance with changing skin and hair.

Myth number 4- The colour will not be an exact match to my own hair.

Now this one really depends on what you are having done. If you are having what I refer to as a 'buzz cut' where you already shave your head then the pigment used will be selected in accordance with how the shaved hair looks. Most people's hair looks grey when shaved to the grain so a pigment will be used that compliments this. If however you were to have densification work where the SMP is done within existing longer hair, then again a pigment will be selected to match your hair colour. There are considerations though... if you dye your hair red then (hopefully) no reputable artist will do SMP with a red pigment.... it just would not look right. So for densification it really does depend on how natural a colour hair you have.

Myth number 5- People will know I've had it done.

Only if it is done badly... OR... if you opt for a very blunt/sharp finish with no natural gradient in the hairline. A skilled artist will make the hair look so natural it will detract attention of others (as it is supposed to do).

Myth number 6- SMP is only for men.

Not at all! Women have this done too, women suffer hair loss just as men do and may opt for densification work to camouflage thinning hair.

Myth number 7- I will have to shave my head everyday.

Now this one really does depend on how quickly your hair grows, but in order for SMP to continue to look natural I always recommend you keep it shaved to the grain however long it takes to grow. This does not really apply to hair densification.

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