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Hair loss and the impact on self confidence

Working in the scalp micropigmentation industry has opened my eyes to the detrimental effect this can have on a person's confidence and self worth. I am often told by the partners, friends and family of those who are losing or have lost their hair, that the person would benefit from scalp micropigmentation but feel too ashamed to address the issue. I hear partners say "it is just male pride" or I see friends tag the person in social media making fun. Whilst this may be seen by them as harmless fun what they may fail to realise is this further impacts on that person's self esteem and further cause them to feel insecure. This insecurity often prevents people from seeking treatment and many times it boils down to acceptance for example, I have had people come for a consultation and I have advised that the person shaves their head in order for the treatment to look good and despite the level of hair loss being great, the person has not felt ready to shave their heads. This is absolutely fine of course, and I never pressure anyone into having the procedure because I fully appreciate that for many this is a big step, being ready in yourself is a process that cannot be rushed as it is unique to the person and is treated as such by it's own merit.

Hair loss is actually very commonplace and many of my clients report having started losing their hair from a young age. Hair loss could be due to one of many factors such as male pattern baldness (genetics), medication, health concerns, chemotherapy, pregnancy (yes gents it is not just you who seeks out this treatment, ladies have it too). With this in mind, it should be a comfort to know that whilst a difficult thing to deal with, hair loss is actually much more common and normal than you might think, so it is time to address the issue of hair loss and instead of shaming people we should comfort and support them. Scalp micropigmentation was created to give people an option that promotes and replaces the confidence lost from losing hair, so let's start normalising hair loss and increase awareness.

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