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September is Alopecia awareness month

Alopecia areata is chronic inflammatory condition in which the hair follicles are affected leading to hair loss, this can be any hair on the body most mostly it is the scalp or beard and sometimes even the eyelashes or brows.

Alopecia is known to be unpredictable and the exact cause is unknown however, it can be linked to genetics, medical conditions, changes in hormones or as a normal part of ageing. The condition affects around 15 in 10,000 people in the UK including both men and women but predominantly in men. One of the most common types of Alopecia that is seen in SMP clinics is Alopecia totalis or 'AT' for short, this is where there is complete hair loss on the scalp. There is also Alopecia universalis which is complete hair loss of the body.

There are options for people who lose their hair due to Alopecia, this could be through medical intervention, hair pieces and wigs or dermatography (tattooing) which is exactly what scalp micropigmentation is thus being a great treatment for the condition.

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